Gbemtel Global Agro-Allied

As an aggregate service-based organization, we are have a vast experiential competence in offering our customers quality agriculture & agro-allied marketing and management services.

The demand for food and an increase in the potential market for agricultural produce due to an increase in the growth rate, the population and the significant role agriculture assumes in international trade has made the sector hitherto untapped since the discovery of oil in the region, a major source of investment and diversification for the economy.

The industrialization of agriculture is often described as a necessary response to the challenge of feeding a growing and increasingly urban global population. Often, major ills that befall agricultural projects are lack of expertise, mismanagement, unsustainable plans, and structures etc.

Greenhouse Farming :

Gbemtel Global Agro-Allied embraces a forward-thinking approach to agriculture: it must be economical, environmentally-friendly and efficient, while shortening the distance from the greenhouse to the grocer.
Our experts in agronomy, agro-technology and agro-economics work, side-by-side with customers, help elevate agriculture to a whole new level. We help create a viable, economical and profitable growth environment, ensuring that customers get the greatest yield from their investment.

Crop Farming:

We are a diverse company offering our customers quality livestock marketing and management services. We have a broad base of livestock experience and expertise. Gbemtel Global can source genetics for specific environmental conditions backed with the knowledge of livestock management practices worldwide.
Through our buy back policy, cassava, rice, pineapple, and maize cultivation are produced. Inputs such as tractors, harvesters, fertilizers and herbicides sprayers, fertilizers, (organic and inorganic), herbicides, and pesticides are made available to boost food production.

Livestock Farming:

At Gbemtel Global Agro-Allied, we understand that our customers deserve the best.  For this reason we stock hybrid cattle and pigs that are able to give the best beef which is soft and tender.
These hybrid cattle are kept under exclusive high tech conditions so that products are not compromised.