Order Management:

Gbemtel Global Cargo & Logistics aids the efficient communication of sourcing between suppliers, sourcing agents and logistics departments.


Consolidation services from Gbemtel Global Logistics open up the benefits of purchasing smaller quantities from a variety of vendors. Our consolidation services is more than simply filling up a container or building a pallet. It allows a buyer to procure a variety of products from a multitude of vendors without losing operational efficiency in the shipment process.

Ocean Freight Shipping Overview :

Gbemtel Global Cargo & Logistics offers both full container load (FCL) and less than full container (LCL) load shipping services for moving your cargo worldwide to Nigeria (Africa).

Our International Ocean Freight Shipping Services :

Ocean Freight is the least expensive mode for the transport of cargo worldwide. Gbemtel Global Cargo & Logistics offers port to port, door to port, door to door services to over 150 countries worldwide so no matter where you are shipping to or from we have you covered.

Our Ocean Freight Shipping Service Covers the Following Areas :

i. (FCL) Full Container Load – FCL Shipping is a cost effective way to ship large loads and rates are typically lower when shipping a full container load. This is generally defined as 12+ pallets. In addition, FCL shipping usually means that your shipment will be safer because forwarder’s don’t consolidate your load with other items being shipped.

ii. (LCL) Less than Container Load – With LCL shipping, you’ll share a shipping container with other businesses. If you’re shipping a smaller load, LCL can potentially save you money vs. having to pay for an entire container space. Consolidating your goods with other items being shipped can also help you ship faster in certain cases.

iii. Hazardous Materials & Goods – Items such as pharmaceuticals, flammable materials, corrosive substances, batteries, fuel cell engines, gases and explosives are considered dangerous goods that require special care and handling. Free On Board (FOB) Global Logistics Limited will help ensure your goods are shipped safely in compliance with international regulations.

iv. Loading & Unloading Your Shipments – One important part of shipping cargo involves care & proper handling when loading and unloading. We can ensure that your shipments get from point A to point B safely and without incident.


Shipping by air (via airplane) is the fastest and most efficient way to transport goods domestically & internationally. The trade-off that comes with choosing air freight over ocean freight shipping is that
costs are usually much higher. With that said, our expert team can help you find the most effective air freight transportation for your goods at the best rates. We make it a priority to provide you with all the
information needed to complete the shipping process flawlessly from start to finish. We’ll assist with preparation of legal documents and we’ll also ensure a speedy delivery of your goods. With service to over 150 countries worldwide, we provide global coverage and faster delivery times than other modes of transport.

Overview of our airline delivery :

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